I didn’t have any other printers available then Xerox. This works out of the box and you specify the path of the channel you want to look for with the file command. I added checks for user input and better feedback for improper parameters. Instead, I’ve changed it to the more sensible -t option. To do this, you’ll need to verify your configuration and restart Nagios.

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Checking if a service is stopped using Eventloy is not very straight forward, checking a process is the best solution here, please refer to the Process Checks KB article.

Nagios Thresholds and Ranges

All 1 service s are ok. How do i monitor Windows services running under a different user account. I liked the original plugin but wanted to be able to report the status of all consumables. Uptime Checks Viewed times since Sun, Nov 26, Our tech support team is happy to help nagio with any questions you might have. Will Nagios monitor XYZ? You can also subscribe without commenting. The SNMP community string used to query the printer is “public” in this example.


Got something to say? With the above change, it makes it much easier to see actual warnings for low toners, etc. Log missed records useful to detect issues with filters not useful in production as it is a bit of a resource hog.

Monitoring Network Printers · Nagios Core Documentation

On the other end of these channels are hopefully someone who is interested in the message. It saves a lot of leg work!! June 6, at Make sure host is up and SNMP is configured pronter.

No percentage more or less. Download a free day trial of Nagios XI or give the online demo a spin. Need Help Configuring Nagios?

Nagios XI is the easy-to-use, enterprise version of Nagios that features:. Nagios Monitor Windows Host. For any support related questions please visit the Nagios Support Forums at:. I’ve modded this slightly to return a status of ‘Unknown’ rather than ‘Warning’ when the check gets no response from the printer.

Evenrlog, rarely, the message is important and then it is best to add that as a last check to the above filter as it will be faster. Add the following service definition to check the status of the printer. You will need to make the following changes around line Feel free to add more samples on this page.

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It works very well. If I try to verify configuration.

Now Login into Nagios Server and add some object definitions in Nagios configuration files to monitor new Windows machine. The default time frame is 24 hours. They do not denote warning or critical state instead it defines which items are relevant and you can remove unwanted items.

But it’s the same as aytor’s and autor can’t lie to us. February 6, at 6: We prniter thankful for your never ending support.