January 11, 2019


Could Microsoft employ a few translators such as yourself for the less gifted techno speakers out here? Saturday, October 16, I went into some over-detail here, but hey, step-by-step feedback is good, especially when it includes corrections. Had same error with usb 3. Not an IT pro?

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What made it even more confusing is that I just built the machine. With a Intel Chip Set.

I tried to copy the driver from the mobo disk to a thumb drive. Hello everyone, I dealt with this issue for Windows 7 64bit professional “No device drivers were found.

Tried everything from DVD.

Asus P5B and the broken JMicron SATA/PATA controller «

Hasn’t anyone learned anything over the past 10 years? More importantly why doesn’t the message tell you what device it can’t find the driver for or at least say That driver has installed successfully click next to continue scanning for other devices requiring third party drivers It is pants they haven’t sorted this but hopefully some others will be able read this post and know they arent going insane!!!! I need to try USB install, but don’t have a memory stick on me that’s big enough.


At the moment when the message appeared, Aat just ejected the installation DVD and pushed it right back again. Saturday, February 4, 2: Check to see if your hard drive is listed.

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Changing values in the Windows registry can disable your machine; if you’re not sure how to do this please post a question in this tutorial and someone will be glad to wta you.

Hardware RAID may have better performance.

How can this company still survive after producing so many years only junk? I have the solution to this problem.

jmicorn The only difference i can think of is the WHQL certification. Sunday, June 12, 8: Hello, thank you for helping in the understanding of the problem.

A typical Microsoft featurette here: Thursday, December 11, 2: Tuesday, November 6, 1: The following are terms that are normally used in connection with RAID: I can’t thank you enough.

Please fix it” Of course with most motherboards, you geat a nice easy installtaion CD, full of.

Tuesday, March 31, jmicrln Friday, October 21, 6: Two drives have identical data, plus one drive is used for rebuilding in case of a primary array failure. RAID 3 Striped set with dedicated parity Data is split evenly between two or more disks, plus a dedicated drive for parity storage.


2 Port PCI Express Internal SATA II Controller Card

Originally Posted by swarfega Step 3 is not too clear since your talking about pressing r in right pane and dont mention which entry umicron is since its covered by the menu.

Monday, August 8, Having just found this forum it looks like there are some pointers as to why internal drives aren’t working under vista but do under xp.

Ideally, you should test a component that you know works in another setup. When you test the hard drive and hard drive controller card, it is recommended that you do the following:. Got to my vendor to vsita what is happening and they have installed WIn7 easy. Hi This works for me: