January 11, 2019


And her label released the first Swiz LP! A quick search on the subject will return bands and pictures of those individuals. Seriously though, I can’t be the only person here who likes to kick back with a beer but still enjoys Minor Threat. But the amount of circulation was fascinating. I saw them live once and it was pretty so-so except for the people having sex standing up in the audience next to me.

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And that has been terminated. I would think it would happen more because with the Internet there would be more people aware—.

What on earth were the innocuous British band The Dentists doing in the band list?! In Brittany, the Breizh Disorder series of punk compilations is now up to volume nine.

Youth of Today is an American hardcore punk straight edge band, formed in and still in activity. Not to be confused with screwdriverScrewdriver musicianor Swervedriver. I was straight edge in high school, yeah, I was a real dick about it too, but the whole point of punk is to piss on as many things a possible with as few words as possible. Where would we drive?


trakMARX – Ian MacKaye: Steady Diet Of Nothing

The information below will give you from the following page: You want this tape bad. The main point was that it was a one minute song mckaye he had written the lyrics for years before and at some point people have to understand that it’s okay to change and evolve as you work your way through life.

I dreamt last night Ian and I were hanging out and I took him to see my parents. Ask questions, get answers.

Ian MacKaye: ‘If You Want To Rebel Against Society, Don’t Dull The Blade’

And the bias would be bad. Good luck writing all this up.

However, hardcore itself is diversifying, too. The media component of social media is toxic. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article’s subject. Ian MacKaye plucking baby-notes from his guitar, dripping down onto the front line.

That is a really interesting social change. Joe Galarraga of the Big Ups skerwdriver takes a more navel-gazing approach to songwriting: Put it this way, Marilyn Manson is not a crusty. Not so long back the NME did an emo special where they had cut-out-and-keep emo kids with their own mackayd. It was pretty incredible. I take it as their attempt to come to terms with the history of the place they live.


Ian MacKaye

He sent me so many things over the years. The music getting louder. Personally, I’ve been on the front lines of the most symbolic aspect of that battle, to allow music into immigrant-owned restaurants here for the last 4 years. I always got a sense that MacKaye played things really close to the vest in interviews, which is why this one is so great. I know little of this genre but I will add a few more things.

I still haven’t forgiven him for accidentally spawning the fucking hate-edge kids though. Ian MacKaye Interview Manierenversagen.

The only real sources are the song “White Boy”, and unreliable word of mouth. Today I was talking to a guy—this will give you an idea of who I am. They skrewdtiver in attendance.