This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. In Nero there is only one setting for input device no separate video and audio and it works fine. Can’t believe Adobe has such buggy software and poor support. If you wish to edit your TV recording , such as to remove television commercials advertisements and add subtitles, you may want to check out the Free Video Editors Video Editing Software page. I am trying to capture composite video into Vegas Pro 8.

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Since there is only one program stream for a composite input capture, they open in Vegas.

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The Video works fine. And, in that workflow, it is the firewire connection that works, not USB. Make a personal movie library from your TV recordings. If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel happauge the above titles as guides.

Note that the software may require that you install one or more of the codecs listed on the Free Video Codecs page in order to support a particular hayppauge format.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Can’t believe Adobe has such haippauge software and poor support. Please contact Hauppauge support at: However, this is not a problem or a bug with this new release, it’s actually a change that Microsoft is implementing with version to give users more control over their privacy.

This page was last updated on 12 June And, it suggests the workaround found in the following Adobe document.


You can not post a blank message. The driver for the device must be installed in hauplauge to run Prodinfo. Vifeo is able to deinterlace the video source, remove the pulldown for movies and filmed television programs, reduce video noise, automatically calibrate video capture cards for optimal brightness, contrast and colour, manipulate video through gamma, sharpness and other filters, reduce judder and other video timing anomalies, etc.

If the audio is unlinked from the video. It is a small standalone box which streams two channels of live TV over your home network to smartphones, tablets, media players and more. Some of them, if not all, allow you to schedule recordings of your Haippauge programs at another time slot. StreamEez-Pro Professional video streaming made easy! USB-Live2 The simple to use, easy to install video capture device!

If so, if what you are trying to do is not supported by Premiere Elements 13, you can get your money back from Adobe within the 30 days huappauge date of purchase. It is a licensed version I bought 2 days ago. It supports multiple TV tuner cards and multiple simultaneous recordings.

Windows 10 requires special drivers to avoid errors during the Hauppauge product installation. Adobe Premier Elements recognizes it by default and will play and record the video but not the audio. It has commercial detection and removal facilities and the ability to tune into Internet radio.

Support for Windows is, at the time this review was written, limited, although a Windows version is also available. If you have gotten to a point where you can get video and audio into your project from your device s but the audio is out of sync, I am not sure whether or not you want to get involved in some Timeline maneuvers to try to get the audio in sync. Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable?


I work in movies and TV show and like to make copies of shows I appear in. Some previous discussions that may help I don’t use that device, so can’t say that they will help. DScaler Windows Dscaler is an open source software that not only captures video, but also processes it and scales it so as to provide a high quality output. It also purports to be able to record multiple shows simultaneously using only 1 tuner.

Hauppauge WinTV Video Capture Card – NextGenUpdate

You can adjust the white balance from warm to cool, or choose from 16 million colors. I appropriate your response John but this is an not an external device and is registered as a multimedia device by Windows.

Hauppauge has a new SDK available for. Tried chat support line and all the person kept saying is that I have to connect my internal card to Firewire which made no sense and then disconnected.