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On the Advanced settings tab, double-click Hard disk. That said, our products are explicitly supported for use with Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. To clear this condition please follow the below procedure: Perform permission repair on your system drive. The file system organization of a disk drive does not have direct corrolation to the operating system in that regard- as long as the operating system is compatible with the host bus connection and the file system on the disk, it will work- with the caveat that a direct attached storage device such as an external disk can only be attached to a single host computer at any given time. Run a disk repair utility on the drive.

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Fantom GFEU G-force 1tb External Hard Drive – USB eSATA | eBay

Please refer to the attached list of 3. This strain can shorten the disk’s life expectancy, costs power, and gives you a performance hit as the disk must be spun up before access. If there is suspicion that the disk is not functioning correctly and the format is taking too long, you may examine Windows’ system logs for fault, as described here: The immediate solution is to shut down your computer and turn off the drive, and then restart your computer.

Simply right-click the drive and select the “Online” option.

You may need to reboot your Macintosh for the drives to be seen. Note that this limits number of cabled connections; enclosures capable of multiple devices will count as 1 device for fanntom purpose.


While Micronet does not endorse or provide support for any specific solution, a list of available partitioning software solutions is available here: Gg1000eu the options in Disk Utility are dimmed, you are not logged in as administrator. If the power outage caused damage to the disk or power supply, fatom will need to be serviced. See the article “Q: If the disk is seen but the volume is gone, refer to the QA article “Q: Disk Management is divided into two sections.

Disk drive manufacturers use the base gigabyte measurement, which defines a GByte as x x Make sure no other management connections are active, and retry to access the unit.

Do you need access to the data? There is a known issue with certain USB host controllers. Disconnect all external devices If available, use the cable originally shipped with your device.

Under the “Turn off hard disk after” Setting, select “Never” to turn fanrom disk idle sleep, or a value in minutes to enable.

Fantom Drives GF1000EU Manuals

The following are the nominal transfer rates of each bus: Essentially, a USB 3. In Disk Utility, go to the Partitions tab, where it says, “current” select “1 partition” and then click “options” at the bottom of the page. About us My account Orders history Press releases. Look for the Disk that has a capacity closest to your MicroNet device volume s. Verify that the Gf1000wu device power up, and the diagnostic light on the terminator is on. When I connect it to my mac, it’s showing up “read only”.


Consult your Micronet reseller for more information.

If fanntom drive is not seen in disk utility Mac or device manager PC verify that the device drive for your SCSI host bus adapter are properly installed and functioning. This diagostic method, S. Larger drive modules may be available for your Model. HFS Plus is an ffantom version of HFS, supporting much larger files block addresses are bit length instead of bit and using Unicode instead of Mac OS Roman or any of several other character sets for naming the items files, folders.

Consult a trustworthy computer services provider. As soon as the boot up chime sounds, press and hold down the option-command-p-r key combination to reset the PRAM.

As the lengths of cable increase, the voltage at each device drops. When I push enter, it asks me to verify gf1000ru password.

To clear this condition please follow the below procedure: Turn on the power switch.